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Wedding planning: Recommended reading

There are themes that inevitably plague so many couples while planning their weddings. As those themes have emerged in the course of my years of photography experience, there are articles I encounter while perusing wedding blogs and the Internet in general that make me exclaim, “YES! This is what I’m talking about!”

I thought it appropriate to share with you, whether you’re a bride or groom-to-be, have already planned a wedding and can relate, or just like to ogle wedding pretties (like I do).

Wedding planning resources

Photography tips

  • Five tips from your wedding photographer (via A Practical Wedding) // A few random, but very important and VERY true, pieces of advice from a photography point of view.
  • Wedding photography DIY (via A Practical Wedding) //Anyone who talks to me for more than ten seconds knows that I do not recommend DIY/DIT wedding photography at all. BUT, I do acknowledge that is not how everyone feels. Even if you really value photography but are having trouble with the price tag of your dream wedding photographer, this article is worth a read to give yourself perspective and uncover how you really feel about where your wedding photos come from.
  • What to consider if you’re trying to save money on photography (via Junebug Weddings) // perhaps the opposite of the link above, this article outlines some important reasons that skimping on photography could be a huge bummer.
  • Things your photographer wishes she/he could tell you (via Corey Ann) // some tips to ensure the best possible photos for your wedding ceremony.
  • The problem with photography shot lists (via Offbeat Bride) // don’t be so focused on Pinterest or on every little detail that you forget to enjoy your wedding day.  Allow your photographer to capture the organics of what makes YOUR wedding special.


Wedding albums + printing your photos


Decor + wedding DIY


Dos Pueblos Orchid greenhouse wedding

Planning tips + advice

  • Truths of wedding planning no one else will tell you (via the awl) // I’ll admit, I laughed out loud at #7 about the language you’ll learn that will never be useful outside the world of weddings.
  • Tech tips and social media etiquette (via Huff Post Weddings) // some EXCELLENT points about not automatically or immediately announcing your engagement and wedding planning adventures on mass-audience platforms like Facebook (in other words, is your entire FB friends list invited to your wedding?  Then don’t share every detail with them!).
  • Why hire a wedding planner // there are tons of reasons and excuses couples can make about why they don’t need or want to hire a coordinator.  Those reasons and excuses are valid, but read this article addressing the finer points of your own ideas about why a wedding planner isn’t for you… Every couple I’ve encountered who HAS hired a wedding coordinator (even for month-of services) notes that it is some of the best money they spent on their big day (other than their photographer, of course. I kid, I kid!).
  • How to create + manage your budget (via Junebug Weddings) // understanding your own priorities for the wedding will help A LOT when it comes to deciding what (and how much) to budget. Another consideration that has a huge impact on your budget? The size of your guest list!
  • While we’re on the subject of budget, keep in mind some of the unexpected costs that many couples don’t consider!
  • Why you should consider wedding insurance (via Junebug Weddings)


Wedding guests + bridal party


Having an unplugged wedding


Palm Springs wedding photosThis list is by no means definitive, but hopefully this gets your juices flowing and, ultimately, helps you enjoy your wedding day (and the planning experience) as the celebration that it should be.


If you’re looking for some more tips + advice (from your VERY opinionated wedding photographers), there is plenty of reading for you right over here!

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