The Wedding Styling Playbook

Are you ready to dominate detail photos on the wedding day? Introducing...

You’re handed the invitation suite on the day of the wedding in a dark hotel room. You cower in a corner and pretend you know how to style and shoot a flat lay.

You race to the ceremony to capture details but grandma has already made herself comfortable in the front row so you can’t get a clean, wide shot (the planner and your clients are going to be SO disappointed).

The family photos look off… is the father of the bride’s jacket supposed to be buttoned? Who knows?! The bigger problem is you didn’t ask him to take his keys out of his pocket. Ugh.

The reception is in full sun and your table shots are looking rough, but you’re not going to have any time to photograph them later, so this gross light will just have to do.

Let’s be real, does this feel familiar?

I’m here to tell you this is 100% possible — you’ll be ready to dominate the details on the flood of 2021 and 2022 weddings!

What if you knew exactly what to do when walking into a reception space to get editorial-quality images that will make any publication editor drool?

What if you were getting inquiries from dream clients with killer taste, booked a stunning venue and a rock-star wedding planner, and are ready to put down a deposit for your top package (without asking for a discount) because you really stand out from your competition?

What if you could master the art of a creative, eye-catching flat lay and never use hotel carpet as a backdrop again?

Picture this...

And today, I'm founder and principal photographer at Anna Delores Photography, a luxury wedding photography studio in Southern California.

When I realized what made images stand out from the crowd, it wasn’t because I was suddenly handed a tray of stunning props and designer shoes. In fact, my first few seasons of clients were paying $1,500-2,500 for wedding photography, but I knew I could make their wedding day look like a million bucks by intentionally upping my photo game. So that’s what I did.

When I first started, I spent SO much time figuring out what made wedding photos really POP. 

Hi, I'm Emily - your styling superhero.

Taking the initiative to go the extra mile with styling has helped me attract and book higher-paying clients AND get on the recommended vendor lists of more design-centric wedding planners. You know, the ones you currently stalk on Instagram and drool over, wondering, “was this wedding even REAL?! It’s too pretty!”

Anna Delores Photography has experienced so much success, we added three more photographers to our team in 2018, and we regularly join forces with incredible wedding planners who trust us to delight their clients and create beautiful, publication-worthy images of their work.

I’ve been photographing weddings and styling stationery way before “flat lay” was even a thing.

As Seen In

Wouldn’t you like to keep a tried-and-true playbook in your back pocket to attract dream clients who invest in more upscale details and want killer photos, and totally nail those weddings?

We’re talking designer stationery suites, lush flowers dripping from every corner, and modern table decor that would make Martha Stewart herself green with envy. You’ll be well on your way to booking those weddings and feeling prepared to slay with those photos.

This can be you, too.

OR, you can open a personalized toolbox to create your own unique images for the 2021-2022 wedding boom!

Now that weddings are BACK, you’ll be totally prepared to ELEVATE the experience you give to clients and fellow vendors.

Don’t get me wrong; you *can* do the “scroll and save” on social media, bookmarking images you hope to replicate someday.

No, it’s not an expensive styled shoot you have to buy a plane ticket to attend. You get to completely up your game in your sweatpants, right from the couch.

The Wedding Styling Playbook is a one-of-a-kind system for mastering your styling skills at EVERY stage of a wedding day, ensuring that you tell a cohesive story.

by Anna Delores

Meet the Wedding Styling Playbook

✓ Develop a new, deeper understanding why photos of details matter so that you can attract clients who want those images.

✓ Walk into any wedding environment and understand how to take control of the visual narrative without interrupting the flow and bothering your fellow vendors.

✓ Spot specific problems that will throw off an image and fix them so you spend less time crying in Photoshop and more time drying the happy tears of your clients after they get their gallery.

✓ Totally ace the unique, jaw-dropping flat lays that will get YOUR photos saved by other photographers on Instagram.

✓ Understand exactly what top publications want in submissions and get concrete tools to increase your features.

You'll learn how to:

of what to include when submitting a wedding for publication consideration with blogs and magazines.

The ultimate checklist

for communicating with clients and vendors, working with lighting challenges, and making immediate changes to improve the visual aesthetic of your detail styling.


for styling a flat lay, capturing ceremony and reception details, and ensuring portraits are polished to perfection.

Step-by-step guidance

Here’s what you’ll get:

✓ Client and vendor e-mail templates to help you set expectations and reduce wedding day stress.

✓ Printable checklists to carry with you on the wedding day, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

✓ A full breakdown of how to build a styling kit that will make you look like a wedding day BOSS.

✓ An in-depth analysis of exactly what five top wedding publications want in your submission.

Along with this 9-module playbook, you’ll also get an array of extras, including:

Get exclusive access to Emily for one-on-one consultation to further elevate your wedding photography business.

Receive feedback on your website and a portfolio critique based on your ideal client profile and business goals.

Get Emily’s review of up to three submission drafts complete with publication recommendations.

BONUS: Inner Circle Consulting

Britt Rohr, Swell Press

“As a stationer who prides herself on creating keepsakes for clients, I am delighted that this course provides useful knowledge on how to beautifully capture those keepsakes. I wish every photographer would adhere to these tips — I know I will!”

Jen Rodriguez, Jen Rodriguez Photography

“The Playbook is jam-packed with all of the info that you need to start creating those oh-so-dreamy detail photos that you see gracing the front pages of all of your favorite wedding blogs. Do yourself and and your future clients a favor and pick this up now!”

Erika Bellitt, Array Creative Design

“If you are an industry professional looking to elevate your wedding day styling, look no further. Emily pours her knowledge and heart into this playbook that can help all photographers as well as planners and designers. Let’s just say… this is a MUST HAVE!”

Madison Hunter, I Heart My Groom

“This course is unlike anything out there and well worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY! If you’re looking to elevate your flat lay images, family formal portraits, and storytelling abilities, this is all the information that you could ever need - whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro!”

Jaime Kostechko, Wild Heart Events

“The Wedding Styling Playbook is a must for industry pro's who want to take wedding day styling to the next level. Whether you are entry level or an experienced pro, the Wedding Styling Playbook contains valuable tips and secrets that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Vanessa Vierra, Vanessa Noel Events

“She presents the info in a very user-friendly way, with checklists and e-mail templates you can copy and paste for a more successful styling approach. It's a very thoughtful and holistic approach to documenting a wedding day, and it resonates with her clients and fellow vendors.”

✓ Access to The Wedding Styling Playbook

✓ One-on-one consultation with website review

✓ Emily’s personal review of up to three publication submissions

✓ Tailored recommendations on where to submit your work


Playbook + Inner Circle Consulting

✓ 9 modules jam packed with info

✓ Email templates for vendors + clients

✓ Wedding day checklists

✓ Live support via Instagram

✓ Private group on Facebook


The Wedding Styling Playbook

We'd love to help you get the answers you need.  Please email us at, and we'll be glad to help!

Have another question before you purchase the Wedding Styling playbook?

Absolutely. The playbook is designed for all levels of experience, regardless of your number of years in the wedding industry. You’ll add to your styling knowledge and develop the confidence you need to make anxiety about wedding day styling a thing of the past.

I know a little about styling but I don’t feel super confident. Is this for me?

The information in the playbook is applicable to and recommended for wedding planners, designers, and videographers, too! You don’t have to be a photographer to put these tools to good use!

I’m not a photographer; will I still benefit from The Wedding Styling Playbook?

Due to the digital format (and just like most other internet products and services), this course is nonrefundable.

What’s your refund policy?

No! The playbook applies to all mediums of photography, regardless of the equipment you’re using.

Does it matter if I shoot digital or film?

This is a nine-module course that you can take at your own pace. Each module has actionable homework to build your styling skills.

What's the format?

Have questions? I've got you!

Kerry Walsh, Kerry Anne Photography

“The Wedding Playbook took my wedding photography truly to the next level. It was exactly the fine-tuning I needed to bump my work into the more luxury market. I HANDS DOWN recommend this course to any photographer looking to increase their skills and elevate their work for their clients!” 

Sarah Ellefson, Sarah Ellefson Photography

“The Wedding Styling Playbook is the resource I was craving at the beginning of my career. Six years into the wedding industry, I still absorbed SO much valuable information that is going to help me push my business forward. Emily really doesn’t hold anything back and this info is GOLD.”

Ashley Rae, Ashley Rae Studio

“I’m really excited to apply everything I learned, not just in imagery, but in personal relationships and in the industry here locally and beyond. I feel like my brain is exploding because all the information is so amazing.”

Felicia Greenwald, Feli Photography

“One of the best things is being able to walk into a bridal suite with SO MUCH CONFIDENCE! You’ll be able to nail all the shots you need with ease.Working through this playbook will change the way you photograph weddings. This isn’t just about the pretty things, it’s about telling your couples’ story.”

Amber Smith, Simply Smith PHotography

“I’ve been shooting weddings for about eight years now but I am working to take my business to the next level. I feel like I have a pretty good clientele and my name’s already out there, I just really wanted to take it up a notch, and I knew that Emily would really teach me that. And she did! – she brought it.” 

Kind Words from Past Students