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Is your business ready for an associate team?

If you’re beginning to reach the point in your wedding photography business where you are (a) turning away prospective clients because you’re already completely booked yourself, (b) feeling burned out because your calendar is jam-packed with clients and you know your current schedule isn’t sustainable long-term, and/or (c) you’re ready to raise your prices…

It might be time to add an associate photographer (or two!) to your business.

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There are plenty of perks to growing your wedding photography team; here are just a few associate photographer benefits to consider:


Opportunity for increased income

Once your calendar is maxed out, you’re no longer able to trade your time for money. Adding photographers to your team enables you to scale your business without taking on additional weddings or shoots on your own.


Maintain vendor relationships and clientele while raising your prices

You can raise your own prices while still serving at current/previous client budgets. You won’t “price yourself out” of existing vendor relationships, past client referrals, or current local market share.

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Long-term strategy for decreasing your own workload

Raising your own prices might also come with long-term goals for scaling back your own HUSTLE in your business. Maybe you love the business side of wedding photography but know that you don’t want to be personally shooting 30 weddings a year by yourself. You can grow without taking up additional weekends, and scale without sacrificing your personal life.


BONUS: Built-in second shooters!

When associates aren’t lead shooting for your brand, they can second shoot for you! 



Are you ready for an associate team?

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